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  President Trump Coronavirus Meeting with Nurses  CSPAN  March 18, 2020 11:14pm-11:23pm EDT

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announcer: two members of ongress have now tested positive for the coronavirus ben lican from florida and mc-adams of utah. in separate statements, the two urged americans to follow c.d.c. recommendations remain working while under self-quarantine. president trump met with the organizations to discuss the coronavirus pandemic response.vernment's well, thank mp: you and today i welcome the our country to the white house and express our gratitude to those on the front in the war against the global pandemic. it's been something that we're winning and we will win.
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it's a question of when and i think it's going to go quickly, we all agree. we are joined by vice president azanch, e, second alex dr. obert readfield and debra birx, thank you for being here. thank you very much. the full power of government in response to the hinese virus, i declared a state of national emergency that will make up to $50 billion in available lief funds which we can use to assist you know we ch as need, setting up emergency centers and hospitals to activate emergency plans and notified. been fully we're urging hospitals to cancel eelective medical procedures, giving nurses and flexibility to respond to the virus and to rotect our front line
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professionals that we have authorized through telehealth ationwide which is really becoming a big step, telehealth, makes it a lot easier for really has been working out amazingly well. we impowered states to authorize in their state and we are working with the private sector to rapidly expand testing capacity. we have literal i will rebuilt that whole system. obsolete system that has been rebuilt and a lot of good things are happening. ordered 500 million n-95 for production. american manufacturers are repurposing factories, major anufacturers has doubled capacity and we have asked construction companies to donate masks and they have actually quite a few of them, the construction companies, who that, but they're going to be donating unused masks and the defense department making millions of masks available for healthcare workers every american
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to make major changes to reduce social interactions over the weeks as we all know, e must make the shared sacrifices and that's what we're doing as a country. it's been amazing to see the way together.y has come there is tremendous spirit and the republicans and democrats getting together for the most part, but they're getting together, so that's a good thing to see. i would go ybe around the room and we'll just and who you're representing and it's great to ave you, thank you very much, please. >> i'm the chief nursing officer for the american nursing association. >> thank you. >> i'm the c.e.o. of the academy of nurses. >> i'm the c.e.o. of the merican association of nurse practitioners. >> mr. president, i'm the c.e.o. for the american association of colleges of nursing.
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>> i'm clinical operations but i am representing the american association of critical care nurses. i'm the 2021 national president for the emergency nurses association. hello, mr. president, i'm the c.e.o. of the american organization for nursing leaders c.n.o. for the american hospital association. >> thank you very much. president trump: mike, do you have anything to say? want to joinnce: i you in welcoming these great white house.e the president spoke today to the leaders of physician organizations from around the country. we garnered from them recommendations about how we can further support those of you that are coming alongside by icans that are impacted the coronavirus and as the we are t said, absolutely committed to bring in the full resources of the full l government, the
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resources of the american economy to work with states to be there untry for americans struggling with the coronavirus but at the same of priority, the president has made it clear that we are to womenure that the men and who are serving those patients nd the nurses, the nurse practitioners, the emergency room nurses so well represented in around the country are the forefront of the president's mind and as he said, we have we'vedecisive steps where enabled the expansion masks and y of n-95 congress is working in a bipartisan way to make those more available. we're working on gowns and gloves and all of the personal oftective equipment that all you rely on every day. i look forward to the discussion about how me might be most helpful, i hope you will carry back the gratitude of your entire teamd of our on the white house coronavirus task force for the work that all doing every rs are
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single day, they are the hands and feet of american compassion grateful american is to our nurses. pres. trump: thank you, mike. media, fema is .ully engaged they're working with them very closely. hey're going around, they're seeing many of the states, they country, ll over the andsome areas have problems some areas don't have very much of a problem at all. engaged as of about two hours ago. tomorrow we're having what i will be a very interesting news conference and i think you about, so hat's all we'll see. the f.d.a. will be, they have very hard andery, i appreciate what they're doing and i think we have some very that will be ings brought up tomorrow at the news conference. 11:00 be set up around
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or so, so we look forward to seeing you tomorrow. thank you very much, everybody. indiscernible] announcer: president trump has signed into law an economic aid ill that makes free testing, paid sick leave and other public resources available to those the coronavirus outbreak. meanwhile, negotiations continue capitol hill on another aid ackage that would provide financial support to individual americans and certain industries as a result ggling of the coronavirus pandemic. the senate could vote on that ilbe the end of this week sending to the house for further action. announcer: c-span's "washington every day with news and policy issues that impact you. morning, thursday
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we'll discuss the latest on coronavirus and the u.s. outbreak, senior wallner fellow james will be with us to discuss perations during the coronavirus pandemic. at h "washington journal" 7:00 eastern on thursday morning. watch the discussion. andrew coma rnors de santis describe how their states are responding to outbreak.avirus later, senators discuss the next economic r passing an aid bill to provide free testing and sick leave. n response to the coronavirus, new york governor andrew cuomo a mandatory was is statewide requirement that no business could have more than 50%